Keep Me Grounded – A Prayer

April 2018 Holy One, take over my life. Strong  One, hold and keep me grounded. All-consuming fire, burn everything in me that is not of You and for You. Let me die to myself and I let You live in me. Make me a vessel of Your love. A branch on which the fruits of … Continue reading Keep Me Grounded – A Prayer


A Day Without You

April 2017 Everything is out of place. My hair is going in all directions. My tasks are out hand. Juggling 'em all trying to accomplish it all at once. My lens are out of focus. Can't keep my eyes on what is in front of me at the moment. I cannot keep up with the … Continue reading A Day Without You

Silence is Too Loud

Silence became too loud for us that we cannot sit still even for 5 minutes without reaching for our smartphones...